About David Vidos

David VidosDavid Vidos is a recognised Australian business leader.  He learned early on in life the value of a hard days work and that there was much joy in helping others get what they want.

From weekends servicing patrons at his fathers Petrol Station, to later helping shoppers at Coles Supermarkets, and then his first real IT job supporting client computer systems for a small IT company, and then providing support and training for fortune 500 companies for an international print processing company.

Then came a turn of events that set him on the path to building his own IT company, one that imbued all the beliefs and lessons learned over the years.  His drive to serve and achieve and has led him to the fulfillment of a better life for himself and his family.

In 2003 David Vidos founded NOVA iT Group, and it quickly became a leader in its field.  Today, NOVA iT Group is recognised as a leader in the IT industry specialising in Managed Support Services, Issue resolution, Network design and implementations, Disaster Recovery and business continuity systems, and Security for Small to Medium businesses, his chosen niche is the Dental industry.

David is passionate about building and maintaining tools that help level the playing field between small business and their larger competitors, through effective and efficient investment in information technology. Combining a mix of professional leadership and business strategy David will still get his hands dirty on the coal face when required. David has over 20 years of experience consulting, project managing, designing and implementing solutions for clients across Australia.

A dynamic entrepreneur, David has founded and helped grow a number of community initiatives, B4B Connect in the north of Melbourne which provided a monthly content filled meeting for business owners in the Whittlesea district (later taken over by the Council). Then helping SBITPA grow as the Vendor Relations champion, he was also instrumental in the merging of SBITPA and SMBiT Professionals Victoria, which was then rolled into the SMBiT Professionals National Association it is today, In which he now holds the esteemed role of CEO and Chairman of the Board.

As well as investing in businesses, David has helped many business owners change their mind-set and thinking to help them increase profits and service levels in their business, while reducing stress.

He believes, “Go as far as you can see with the tools at hand; when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther and have acquired new tools for the next journey”.